Level Two: Couples Counselling Training: Exploring Differentiation

The dates for our next Level Two course are TBA Summer 2024.

Venue: Greenwich, London SE10

As a follow on from the Introduction course, this Level 2 course will explore the important concept of Differentiation in Couples Counselling, and focus in particular on the Developmental Model of Couple Counselling pioneered by Drs Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson, as well as looking at the Crucible Model of Couple Therapy pioneered by Dr David Schnarch.

This course will cover the following:
• The Developmental Model of Couple Counselling pioneered by Drs Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson
• Introduction to The Crucible Model by Dr David Schnarch
• Differentiation Theory and its relationship to Attachment Theory;
• How to work with affairs and betrayals;
• Different types of lies within relationship;
• Concepts from Neuroscience and how these might aid the couple counsellor;
• The five stages of development in adult relationships, and the goals/tasks of each stage;
• The three types of couples that present for couples counselling;
• Using a Couples Questionnaire;
• The Paper Exercise: a key exercise to ascertain and diagnose six major problems in the couple’s ability to handle conflict, negotiation and communication;
• Working with hostile and avoidant couples;
• Facilitating the Initiator-Inquirer Dialogue to strengthen differentiation in relationship;
• Goal setting;
• How to help couples repair ruptures in their relationship;
• Working with and disrupting Symbiosis; Facilitating Differentiation;
• Key negotiation principles; strategies for making decisions.

Debbie Winterbourne is the lead trainer, assisted by her partner Simon Adamson. You can read more about their work together at www.completecouples.com. A CPD certificate of 22 hours will be provided on completion of the course.

This course will run at least once per year.

There will be maximum of 12 people per course to ensure optimum benefit of the course.

Minimum qualifications required to enrol for the course: We recommend that you first complete the Introduction to Couples Counselling course. Exceptionally, it’s possible to attend Level Two without attending the Introduction course, if you are a more advanced couples counsellor. But having said that, most therapists attending Level Two then decide to attend the Introduction course! Note that the Introduction course is in no way an ‘Introduction to Counselling’ course; it is aimed at qualified therapists and is introducing you to several different models of couples counselling and considering the thorny ethical questions that arise when working with couples.

This course is most suited to qualified counsellors or psychotherapists. If you are a trainee, then completion of a minimum ten week certificate course is required to enrol. If you are outside of these criteria, please contact me to discuss, as in exceptional cases, enrolment may be possible.

Cancellation terms: A £100 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a place. The balance is payable one month before the course start date, and once paid is also non-refundable.  In the event of cancellation with less than one month’s notice, a full refund will be offered if someone from the waiting list takes your place, otherwise the balance payment is also non-refundable.


‘The course was fantastic. The explanations, resources and exercises have really enhanced my knowledge about couples counselling and increased my confidence in my work’. (therapist attending 2019 level two course)